What People Say...

I’m glad that The Partiso decided to visit the Siemens plant in Steele Creek. I pass this plant every day on my way to work.

Don Joe


I would like to support your ideas to make a better future for us and our children. Thank you for the work you d for our citizens!

Sandra Watson


Thank you for fighting against employees’  rights negligence. This used to be a huge issue at our plant, but now it gets much better.

Daniel Green


I completely support your environmental program and wish that you had more followers on social media because your campaign should win!

Ashley Cooper


Meet Our Team

We will work for a state that educates our children, cares for our elders, and provides a safe, healthy and prosperous community for all of us.

Clint Sobratti — Meet Clint

Candidate for Maryland District 39

My name is Clint Sobratti Jr. I was born in New York and raised in the United States Virgin Islands. I am a devoted husband and father of four. I have been employed with the Department of Transportation of Montgomery County for the last ten years as a Bus Operator and a Transit Coordinator. Additionally, I am an Executive board member of Montgomery County Sierra’s Club Group and one of the Vice Presidents of UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO, who help to protect the rights of our union workers as well. However, before these titles, I was just an ordinary person with a troubled past who eventually overcame all of my obstacles through self-determination and hard work.

Help us bring changes we need

Nation Prosperity
is Our Priority

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