A Brighter Investment

Education is a core value for achieving the American Dream, and Clint Sobratti believes that educators can turn today's learners into tomorrow's leaders. Therefore, he is committed to investing in our schools because he believes that our children's future shall not be derailed due to lack of funding or educational opportunities.

Recent studies indicate that having a quality education not only empowers economic mobility, but it helps to alleviate poverty as well. That’s why Clint Sobratti truly believes that we must shift the paradigm to think of educational funding as an investment into our children’s future vs. an expenditure. Our children deserve our best effort in providing them with quality education, regardless of their zip code, socioeconomic status, disability, or ethnicity. 

Clint Sobratti believes that our children’s educational opportunities should always be at the forefront and that together, we can help them thrive. Therefore, providing adequate funding to help support both our teachers and students is essential. It shall be the foundation on which Clint Sobratti will legislate and fulfill his promise for a brighter investment to each student. 

Once elected as your representative for District 39, Clint Sobratti will work hard to dismantle structural flaws within the school system to ensure that education remains a top priority. Additionally, Clint Sobratti is pro-union and has been serving on the executive board as a Vice President for UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO since December of 2020. Therefore, Clint Sobratti understands the importance of unionization. Furthermore, Clint Sobratti is in favor of advancing current bills and creating new legislation that will not only protect teachers/union rights, but will promote progressive vocational programs that will enhance our children’s academic performance as well.

In Annapolis, we must act to transform our education system into a high-quality system by;
            • Investing in vocational trade and apprenticeship programs.
            • Funding technology programs.
            • Expanding special education programs.
            • Increasing Educator’s Salary
            • Diversity Training