Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice

"The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein". Psalms 24 verse 1. Clint believes that we are the guardians of the planet and inheritance to our children.

Climate change is currently the single greatest threat to our planet. Clint Sobratti believes that if we harness all of our energy and talents, we can turn this threat into an opportunity to create new innovative policies and programs that will boost Maryland’s economy and revitalize our energy sector. Additionally, because clean energy has become one of the fastest-growing sources for new jobs in America, we have an opportunity to create new industries that reinvigorate our manufacturing to create high-quality trade jobs. 

In Annapolis, Clint Sobratti will advocate by ensuring that Marylanders are at the forefront during the transition to sustainable energy as the global green energy economy develops. Clint Sobratti’s vision for environmental justice doesn’t only focus on addressing long-term challenges, it also focuses on immediate problems, such as air pollution and access to clean water. These issues specifically impact marginalized communities and continue to threaten the health of our planet. Clint Sobratti believes that we must implement new policies to enhance energy efficiency and make renewable energy more cost-effective. It will also allow all Marylanders to see an immediate reduction in their energy bill, leaving many families with disposable income to be redistributed back into the state’s economy. 

Currently, transportation is our most significant source of greenhouse gas emission, and it is the primary source of air pollution that contributes directly to global warming. Studies found that air pollution contributes to the rise in health-related issues such as asthma and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, Clint Sobratti believes that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is vital to our environment and is essential for maintaining our health and extending our lifespan. We must invest in clean and renewable energy and formulate a strategic plan to reduce air pollution and carbon footprint once and for all.

Once in Annapolis, Clint Sobratti will fight to cut pollution while unlocking a market for new construction and manufacturing jobs. He will also fight for workers to be paid a fair wage and support their unionization rights. Furthermore, Clint Sobratti believes that there is a clear path forward to a sustainable and sufficient transportation system that doesn’t rely so heavily on burning fossil fuels. Together, we can continue to build on the consensus that already exists and implement effective, common-sense policies to improve the overall health of our planet.

When we are in Annapolis, we will
  • Push for investment in resources, infrastructure, and education in communities of color to benefit energy cost savings programs.
  • Advocate for marginalized people to receive training and education to participate in the green new economy and jobs.
  • Create legislation for carbon reduction and robust climate standards.
  • Reduce carbon pollution emissions and traffic congestion by improving access to public transit and building a robust commuter rail network.
  • Significantly increase public transit and infrastructure investment for bikes and pedestrians and “mobility hubs,” including investments in privatization lanes.
  • Electrifying the government fleet.
  • Make energy efficiency affordable for everyone.
  • Create a Carbon Challenge to incentivize businesses, universities, and other private organizations to cut greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality and reduce the impact of climate change, i.e., TELEWORK.