Maryland Housing Initiative

Maryland Housing Initiative

Affordable housing is an essential component for strengthening the fabric of our communities. However, housing prices continue to rise at an alarming rate, making it nearly impossible for many families to locate and acquire affordable units in desirable areas. Additionally, because inventory is so low, many families are forced to relocate out of state, which directly hurts our state's economy.

Clint Sobratti works closely within the housing industry as a realtor, and he has direct insight into the severity of the housing crisis. He also has first-hand experience in dealing with housing shortages. He is fully aware that the housing demand for both available and affordable units far exceeds the supply. Clint Sobratti knows that our state’s economic future partially depends on affordable housing development. That’s why, Clint Sobratti is committed to investing in comprehensive housing programs that will increase inventory and ensure that high housing costs no longer burden Maryland residents. 


A recent report published by the Department of Numbers found that most Maryland residents spend more than 30% of their earned income on housing. These findings imply that there are far too many Marylanders who lack access to quality and affordable housing. Furthermore, low to moderate earners and minority communities have been severely impacted by the housing shortages, and as a result, homeownership across the state has declined. These disparities contribute directly to the weakening of the state’s economic foundation and have widened the wealth and race gap. Therefore, housing markets must become stabilized so that affordable housing can be equally accessible to all Maryland residents.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of affordable housing. This statement aligns perfectly with Clint Sobratti’s belief that housing should be a human right and not just a privilege. In efforts to address the housing crisis, Clint Sobratti will advocate for creating affordable housing opportunities. He will invest in comprehensive plans that help to minimize the gap that disproportionately impacts communities of color. Additionally, creating new legislation to address inventory, affordability, and a path to homeownership for all income levels will be a top priority so that the American dream can be within reach for all Maryland residents.

Taking action on this issue
  • Prioritize rental assistance programs.
  • Increase the supply, lower the cost, and improve housing quality, including through investments in resilience, energy efficiency, and accessibility of homes.
  • Eliminate housing regulations that perpetuate discrimination.
  • Expand Renter’s Tax Credit to assist low-income families.
  • Alleviate the state’s severe shortage of affordable housing.
  • Create a path to homeownership for all income levels.
  • Expand and expedite refundable, advanceable tax credit.
  • Eliminate or reduce exclusionary zoning in Single-Family communities throughout the state, permitting appropriately-scaled housing types “Missing Middle” housing.
  • Expand supportive housing services for individuals with disabilities and the elderly.