Many Marylanders depend on public transportation; therefore, it is a priority and a necessity that we must continue to invest into. Studies found that the number one complaint amongst commuters is traffic congestion; citing that it takes too long to get to their desired location. Furthermore, the study found that commuters are increasingly opting to reside in communities where biking and walking trails, as well as public transportation are easily accessible to their desired locations. This is why we must continue to invest in our transit infrastructure. We can start by creating bus-only lanes, which will alleviate traffic flow and help reduce our carbon footprint and we can develop a robust rail network that will increase commuters’ access to public transportation. These two preliminary investments will not only reduce the amount of carbon emission that pollutes our air quality, but it will improve the quality of life for all Marylanders as well.

These steps will result in more affordable and equitable transit options for Maryland and maintain a pollution-free environment and a clean energy future.
  • Reduce pollution and congestion by improving access to public transit and building a robust MARC rail system
  • Invest in accelerated R&D towards a zero-pollution transportation system
  • Electrify the government fleet
  • Work with elected officials across the state on best practices to accelerate government vehicle procurement of electric vehicles
  • Significantly increase subsidy programs to make transit, cycling, and mobility hubs more accessible and more appealing than driving
  • Invest in dedicated bus-only lanes 
  • Research and Develop statewide fare-free transit systems